Zuzana Gindl-Tatárová

dramaturgist, screenwriter, publicist and teacher

She graduated FAMU in Prague where she studied film and television screen writing and dramaturgy. She was part of a new generation of screenwriters and dramaturgs in the 80’s who were working in the Koliba Movie Studio. She also did writing for the television and radio in Bratislava and twelve feature films. Among her most noticeable works are dramaturgy for the movie “Ride Full of Pain” (1985) directed by Stanislav Párnický, “I’m sitting on a branch and Enjoying myself” (1989) directed by Juraj Jakubisko, “Flight of the Concrete Pidgeon” (1990) directed by Vlado Balca and “Neha” (1991) directed by Martina Šulík. She also led a criticism and creativity seminar on the Movie and Television faculty of VŠMU in Bratislava. WIKIpedia

Jonáš Karásek

director, graphic designer and an art director

In the present he is a as a screen director and creative director in the GunPowder Studio. Creator of a large number of commercials and adverts to which he gave his own personal style based on attractive visuals and dynamic scenes. He worked with brands like OMV, The Belveder Gallery, Marlboro, RedBull, Johnnie Walker, Orange, Alfa Romeo, “Dobrý Anjel” or the Viva Musica Festival. He is also the winner of Áčko for the best video clip (for Jana Kirschner), and a finalist in the “Billboard of the Year” competition as well as The Global Awards New York 08, has the Filip Award which was given for his contribution to the Slovak creativity pool and a winner of many Golden Nails for the Best Slovak Commercial of the Year. He also creates video clips and short movies. His director debut was the movie candidate. Currently working on a new feature film Amnestie which will premiere in 2019.

Dávid Borbás


Dávid Borbás is a director who studied filmmaking in Stockholm, Edinburgh and the Metropolitan University, Budapest. His works won several prizes, among them the Main Prize for his short movie Wartburg at Kustendorf IFF’17. He is a lecturer at Eszterházy Károly University in screenwriting.

Ljubinka Stojanovic

screenwriter, playwright, dramatist

She graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where she remained in the department, transferring knowledge as well as experience to the students. She is the author of the first R’N’R musical for children „Mila’s little job“ („Milin poslić“. For the Youth Theatre of Mostar MTM, she has been working on different projects of which the last one has been „ Looking for the color of the chestnut“ („U ‘potrazi za bojom kestena“) created by the motives of the life of Silvia Plath. She writes for the film, radio, and television. She was signed as the screenwriter of the numerous programmes within the editorial office concerning the programs for children, educational as well as the school programs of Radio Television of Serbia. Currently, she developed libretto for futuristic feminist opera “XX” composed by Milica Ilić, as well as documentary film “Asilliym” together with director Ivana Todorovic, developing in Martovski Festival – Belgrade documentary and short film festival. She took place in different workshops concerning screenwriting together with the most eminent dramatists and screenwriters in Serbia.

Maks Pilasiewicz

film programmer

Maks Pilasiewicz – Film programmer, freelancer working for Warsaw Film Festival and Zubroffka International Short Film Festival, Cinema in Sneakers International Film Festival for Kids and Youth. Working for the film festivals since 2014. He started as a program assistant at Reykjavik International Film Festival. Since 2015 works as a programmer and program coordinator at CINEMA IN SNEAKERS International Film Festival for Kids and Youth. Also in 2015 he started working at Warsaw Film Festival as a Transport Coordinator. In 2016 he started doing the preselction at the festival and in 2017 become head of guest service at WFF. Since 2016 is working as a Head of Guest Service and programmer at ZUBROFFKA International Short Film Festival in Bialystok. He graduate master degree in Cultur Studies – Visual Antropology at university of warsaw. Since 2008 is taking part in various film and music industry project in Poland and abroud (such as EVS project in Baku Azerbejan in 2012, Internship in film sales company FILMS BOUTIQUE in Berlin in 2016, curating film programs in his hometown 2008-2011, curator of film program at literature festival 2018).

Krzysztof Sienkiewicz

culture promoter

Energetic promoter of Polish culture. He is an organizer and coordinator of Film Podlasie in Attack! Reloaded, a project that helps promote films and film-makers from the Podlachian region of Poland. He works for the Bialystok Cultural Center where he runs and organizes festivals such as the ZUBROFFKA International Short Film Festival and the Underground/Independent. He is co-organizer and tutor of several film workshops and youth exchange programs with Ukraine, The Czech Republic, Georgia and Poland as well as hundreds of film screenings in Europe. Additionally,as independent filmmaker he is the co-author of shorts ( last one is: Krańce świata – człowiek ryba/The ends of the world – fishman ) and documentaries ( last one is: Tandemem przez pogranicze/Tandem in borderland). In free time involved in activity of community Podlasie Makes Me Happy that promotes creative people and films from Podlasie/Poland the Eastern side of Poland and Europe. Fan of the borderlands and the ends of the world with all their possibilities.

Filip Kršiak

producer, film critic

Author of the educational projects Cinema Studies or Borders of Film, co-author of Aertěk. He wrote about interviews with filmmakers for Aktuálně.cz and editor for Dokrevue. He acted as a member of the Group for Education for the Ministry of Culture in the Czech Republic and as a support sponsor of the movie education on the Summer Film School. He also led the promotion for the International Documentary Movie Festival Jihlava and the online platform DAFilms. He is the Chairman of the Association Krutón z.s.where he led the alternative movie distribution Gottland, FC Roma or Vienna Calling. Creator of the project Krutónpolis, a place for meetings of professionals and viewers for regular discussions and projections. Leads the science festival Young Film Fest for a third year and is the director of the ELBE DOCK Festival – Pavel Koutecky Award.

Jarmila Poláková

film producer

Jarmila Poláková leads the Film & Sociology Company which produced more than 170 documentary movies since 1991. As a producer she collaborated on the creation of several movies with Pavel Koutecký including the film Citizen Havel (2008, Director Pavel Koutecký, Miroslav Janek). The documentary was nominated for the Prix ARTE award, the LUX award of the European Parliament and was presented on over three festivals (Berlinale, Hot Docs, Visions du Réel), gained several awards (Český lev, DOK.FEST München, Jeden svět, Finále Plzeň and more). The movie Olga (2014, Director Miroslav Janek) got the Czech Lion award. She is one of the founders of the Pavel Koutecký award for documentary movie directors.