Young starting filmmakers as well as more experienced professionals had over two months for submitting their creations to the AZYL Festival – the international online festival of 1 and 5 minute movies and video clips. Winners were announced 21 st June 2019 at the ART FILM FEST Košice. You can view all the submitted movies on the web site Let’s introduce the winners of each category and summarize this year’s festival.

There were three competitive categories – one minute movies, five minute movies and video clips. Altogether there were 250 movies from 40 countries entered into the competition. There were really strong topics with formats from different countries, the most commonly repeating focused on ecology, sustainability in food, sexual abuse or the communication crisis brought on by digital technology. Organizer of the festival Viliam Štrelinger said: “We were amazed by the continually growing number of younger and younger filmmaker’s participation. This year’s youngest director was only 13 years old. If this trend will continue, we will consider creating a section for creators under 18.” Viliam continues: “The participants from previous years are always happy to come back to the festival. Not only have they entered the competition repeatedly, but also the winner of last year’s one minute category has won the 5 minute category this year 2019.”

Winner of the 1 Minute Movie category was a Slovak author Matic Grgic with the movie THE LAST CIGARETTE ON EARTH: A Steampunk Adventure. In a universe of a parallel future where flying trains and mechanical helicopter horses roam the sky and the moon is a huge garbage dump kept in orbit by steam power, somewhere in this vast Steampunk world a small story about the last cigarette on Earth unravels. To watch here:

Daniel McKee (UK) with the movie IF YOU NEVER ANSWERED X has placed first in the category of 5 Minute Movies. The film follows the activity of a missing person’s phone. IF YOU NEVER ANSWERED X explores the topic of communication in the 21 st century via notifications appearing on the screens of mobile phones. Watch here:

First place in the Video Clip category was won by the Polish creative duo Dorota Piskor and Tomek Ślesicki with the video for the song COVER ME – Kroki. A man travels to places where time has stopped. To Watch:

Main prize for the winner of the Video Clip category is 20 production hours for their projects in the HomeMedia Production studio. The 1 and 5 minute movie categories will be awarded by a 500 Euro voucher for purchasing of equipment in the iStores chain.

The best movies from the festival will be presented not only in Slovakia, but also at different parts of the world, such as in Hungary, Poland or Czech Republic. Organizers from AZYL Production have successfully started a collaboration with the Febiofest and the Pohoda Festival, where the viewers will be able to see the best-ranked movies of the current year – Best of AZYL 2019. Travelling shows should continue at the Grape Festival or in the New Cvernovka venue.